Aluminum Frame Windows

1st Choice Windows and Shutters LLC. offers a large selection of aluminum frame windows for your property. Aluminum frame windows have some features that are desirable in many applications, take a few minutes to learn about these features and educate yourself before making a decision on your next purchase.

1st Choice Hurricane Protection

Aluminum windows have been around a long time, and the design of the windows haven’t changed a whole lot over the years, with the exception of impact resistant windows. Most aluminum windows are created with simplicity in mind, and the simpler the design, the less there is to go wrong with them. Aluminum is a light weight material that has excellent strength for it’s weight, and can be easily milled and finished making it a great choice for windows.

Most aluminum windows are finished using a system called wet paint. The process involves pre-washing the frame in an acid bath to completely clean the aluminum frame which is important for maintaining a long paint life on the window. There are many different type of paints that can be applied. Most are plasticized resin products. Paint quality has a direct correlation to how well the window will hold up over time, so we make sure it’s a quality product before offering it to you.

There is also a high performance Kynar paint from the recognized industrial paint manufacturer PPG. Kynar is a coating that is chemical resistant, a thick film barrier coating primarily used on chemical processing equipment due to it’s low weight and low thermal conductivity. This coating is unaffected by most chemicals and solvents, and has excellent wear and abrasion resistance. This coating is also available in many colors and is a great solution to the salty air we encounter in South West Florida. An extended warranty on the finish is also available.

1st Choice Hurricane Solution - Aluminum Window Strength and Larger sizes available

Aluminum windows will typically have a higher design pressure, meaning they can receive more force from hurricane winds then their vinyl counterpart, making them an excellent choice for high rise structures and high velocity hurricane zones. Aluminum windows are generally engineered to have larger sizes available due to it’s strength. This will allow us to design your openings with less visual interruptions that may be required with vinyl windows.

Learn about the different styles of aluminum frame windows by clicking on the links below.