We specialize in dealing directly with contractors and builders, understanding the importance of time frame and scheduling. As Hurricane Protection experts, we’ll be invisible and accurate on every job. If you want to purchase products from us at wholesale pricing or get the product and installation package every builder dreams of, we are your #1 choice.

Builders today are a different breed than 15 years ago, they operate differently and require a tighter schedule then ever before. We know the routine, getting in and out 100% the first time is extremely important. The last thing a contractor needs to worry about is hurricane protection, let us worry about that, leaving you to focus on what really matters, turning over that beautiful home to it’s new owner.

We have an entire division dedicated to new construction and remodeling

Not only do we have experience in new construction, we have a dedicated staff that ensure our success out in the field, adding our years of experience to your reputation and bottom line. We work with engineers and designers to provide a truly one off custom design or can fit the budget minded cookie cutter track homes into the mix.

Best of all we offer attractive payment term specially designed for builders!

We understand how it works, and can create the entire package, all the way down to payment terms to work with your business. We remain flexible to accommodate your needs in the field and in the office. Give us a call and allow our friendly and knowledgeable staff get you pricing and information at 239-325-3400.