This Hurricane Roll Down Shutters Enclosing Lanai job was installed in early October 2014
In this photo, you can see the Roll Down Shutter is in the up position, allowing full light and view from the lanai. The post in the center was a structural post that was part of the original construction and needed to remain, so we designed our shutters to fit within the post.
This picture shows the Roll Shutter in the half way up, or half way down position, depending on your mood, lol. One thing to notice on this shutter is that it is enclosing all the furniture inside the lanai. That means no more moving all the “stuff” you have out there when a threat of a hurricane comes, or if you’re worried about it getting beat by the sun, or pelted from the rain. Roll them shutters down and you are now protected!
Here is the same shutter in the fully closed position. Notice how clean and secure this area now is. We are replacing the exposed windows and doors that are outside the shutter with new impact rated ones. These Roll Shutters can be lifted and lowered by using a simple remote control. One press of a button any your secure, another press and you have full sun and view of this gorgeous pool!

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This job was installed by 1st Choice Windows and Shutters LLC at the end of August 2014.
Here you can see the roll Down Shutter covering both sliding glass doors in the pool area. The one on the left only goes a little higher than the door since the ceiling is sloped. The second shutter is all the way to the ceiling making it feel for substantial, and will look better when the shutter is open! You can also notice clear hurricane panels installed on the mitered glass window on the right. Clear panels are the best in this application, easy to deploy, can see out and lets light in. The angled window makes it hard for other shutters to be installed, but clear panels go right up 🙂
In this photo, you can see what we call a track on wall installation. This simply means the tracks that the shutter slats are guided through are mounted directly to a wall. This installation method is the simplest and offers the least amount of bulk to your new Roll Shutters. Roll Shutters on Marco Island FL.

You can see more track on wall Roll Down Shutters in this picture. You can also notice a universal at the top left of each box. This is to attach a hand crank to be able to manually open and close the shutters without electricity in case of a power outage. Otherwise, a wireless handheld remote control can operate the shutters from inside or out.

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This Hurricane Roll Down Shutter Installation was completed on a new construction home for one of our high end home builder clients. The home is located on Barfield Dr. in Marco Island, FL and the finished product turned out spectacular.
This Photo is of Hurricane Roll Down Shutters on the rear of the home enclosing the lanai. By using roll shutters to enclose the lanai, the home owner’s furniture is protected during a storm. it also alleviates the need to move all the patio furniture during a hurricane to keep it from being damaged or becoming a wind bore projectile.
These two photos are of the front of the home, the first picture is with the shutter in the up position, retaining the beauty of the architecture and entry. The second picture is with the shutter in the down position, giving full protection from not only a hurricane, but also a break in. At the push of a button, this huge shutter i automatically lowered into position, and with another push, it is raised.

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