Hurricane Shutters

Why Roll-Down Screens Are A Must-Have for Your Outdoor Living

Living in Florida, the Sunshine State comes with many benefits. From scenic sunsets and beautiful outdoor spaces to refreshing ocean breezes, the list of benefits goes on. However, this picturesque location is prone to hurricanes which makes it essential to safeguard your outdoor living areas.

At 1st Choice Hurricane Protection, we understand the need to safeguard your outdoor areas and that’s why we offer top-notch solutions such as our roll-down screens. Let’s explore how our roll-down screens can help you effectively protect your home from hurricanes.  

Improved Comfort & Protection

The main advantage of roll-down screens is the mental peace and protection they offer. They act as a protective shield against the strong sun rays helping you protect your skin and eyes and also preventing your outdoor furniture from fading.

It also prevents mosquitoes and other insects from entering and improves the usability of your patio area so that you can relax and enjoy some outdoor time.

There is also increased privacy that you get by rolling the screens down instantly as and when required, preventing you from being in full view of the neighbors and other passersby. Your house also becomes much more energy-efficient as you roll down the screens in summer helping your house stay cooler.  

Customization & Versatility 

Every house has a different style and aesthetic and so a one-size-fits-all approach can’t work during roll-down screen installation. This is why we offer customizable roll-down screens that can be tailored to fit your home’s size, space, or shape. They can designed according to your specific needs to fit your balcony, patio, or porch.  

Our roll-down screens are available in a variety of materials and colors, ensuring that we have a style to suit everyone’s taste. We have something for everyone so that the roll-down screens blend seamlessly with your home’s decor and aesthetics. 

Durability & Easy To Use

Our products are built with high-quality materials and are known for their strong build. Their robust build ensures that they withstand any flying debris that hits them during hurricanes and storms. With our roll-down screens’ ability to handle impact, you can rest assured at all times!

These screens are quite easy to use. They come with the option of both manual and motorized controls using which you can easily roll the screen up or down, according to your convenience. Whether you want to roll them down during hot weather or you want to roll them up to enjoy the breeze, it’s super convenient!

Increased Property Value

Roll-down screens make your outdoor living space look more comfortable and also increase the value of your property. These screens beautify your house and make it look more attractive. Thus, making homebuyers feel more attracted to such houses and boosting your home’s marketability as well. 

Secure your home’s safety today with 1st Choice Hurricane Protection. Get roll-down hurricane screens in Fort Myers, FL to keep you and your loved ones safe. Explore our wide range of roll-down screens or get them customized according to your needs. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive hurricane protection solutions.

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Hurricane Shutters

Choosing The Right Hurricane Shutters For Your Home

Living in hurricane-prone areas makes it necessary to take some proactive measures to safeguard homes and keep your loved ones safe. One of the best ways of protecting your home from hurricanes is by installing hurricane shutters.

These shutters act as barriers against strong winds, debris and water infiltration that may affect the house during hurricanes and severe storms. They safeguard doors and windows and help maintain your home’s structural integrity.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

1. Accordion Shutters:

These shutters are permanently attached to windows and door sides and can be easily folded. These shutters look like an accordion when folded and not in use, thus the name. Usually, they are made of strong aluminum, steel, or polycarbonate and can be easily opened for quick protection against hurricanes. 

They are relatively low-maintenance, can be easily opened or closed, are durable and offer improved security due to their sturdy build.

They are versatile and suitable for most home styles like traditional, modern and even contemporary designs.

2. Roll-Down Shutters:

Roll-Down shutters are permanently installed shutters that can be rolled up or down based on the requirement. They provide good hurricane protection and are available in two types – manual roll-down shutters and motorized roll-down shutters. In summers they can be rolled down to keep the house cool and in winters they can be rolled up to keep the house warm, thus improving the home’s energy efficiency too.

They require professional installation and regular oiling for smooth performance and offer excellent protection against hurricanes while being energy-efficient and easy to operate.

They are suitable for modern homes and buildings which have a sleek design.

3. Bahama Shutters:

Bahama shutters hinge at the top and prop open at an angle, offering shade and ventilation when not in use. They can be easily lowered and secured during storms and can protect windows and doors. These shutters add a tropical touch to homes, especially coastal ones. While they make the house look more stylish, they offer limited protection compared to other types of shutters.

They are suitable for coastal and tropical-style homes and may not suit all architectural styles.

4. Colonial Shutters:

Colonial shutters are louvered shutters that attach to your home’s exterior wall beside the window. They have a traditional look and offer moderate protection against hurricanes and strong winds. They can be easily and quickly closed during hurricanes, but need regular maintenance to prevent dust and sand buildup. 

These shutters come in a limited variety of styles and colors. They are best suited for traditional and colonial-style homes, adding a classic touch to their appearance.

How To Choose The Right Hurricane Shutter?

Several factors influence your choice of hurricane shutters:

  • Budget – Decide what your budget is and based on that see what will be the best option for you. Remember that quality and durability matter a lot when selecting hurricane shutters, so keep these things in mind to ensure long-term protection for your home.
  • Architectural Style: Select shutters that will go with your home’s architectural style and improve its overall look. Whether your home has a more modern, traditional, or coastal style there’s always a hurricane shutter style that will go perfectly with your home’s design. 
  • Protection Level: See how hurricane-prone your area is and by considering the risk levels choose shutters that will provide you with the necessary protection and keep your family safe.
  • Easy To Operate: Consider how easily you can open and close the shutters, especially during emergencies like storms and hurricanes. Choose shutters that can be simply and quickly operated to ensure timely protection.

Take the first step towards securing your home’s safety today! For installation of hurricane shutters in Fort Myers, FL, visit 1st Choice Hurricane Protection. We offer a wide variety of hurricane shutters to suit your needs and budget. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive hurricane protection solutions. 


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Job Gallery

Hurricane Roll Down Shutters/ Accordion Shutters In Bonita Lakes

In this Installation In Bonita Lakes, we Integrated a SuperMax Hurricane Roll Down Screen With A beige Motorized Shutter.
Here our team enclosed this lanai with our own manaufactured and installed shutters. Not only do you protect yourself from Storms additionally you can maintain your lanai area clean without the need to relocate your furniture inside.

Tired of all the noise outside? quickly close down your lanai with just a push of a button. As you can see below, our customers decided to go with Accordion Shutters rather than Roll Down to Protect their windows. Which I must say was a good idea because they are barely visible . Kind of looks like if was added to decoratively frame the windows.

Accordion shutters are very easy to use and did I mention very affordable. You simply slide these horizontally and voila there you have it.

Give us a call at 239-325-3400 and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you with your project today!