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Hurricane Roll Down Shutters Enclosing Lanai in Bonita Springs, FL

This Hurricane Roll Down Shutters Enclosing Lanai job was installed in early October 2014
In this photo, you can see the Roll Down Shutter is in the up position, allowing full light and view from the lanai. The post in the center was a structural post that was part of the original construction and needed to remain, so we designed our shutters to fit within the post.
This picture shows the Roll Shutter in the half way up, or half way down position, depending on your mood, lol. One thing to notice on this shutter is that it is enclosing all the furniture inside the lanai. That means no more moving all the “stuff” you have out there when a threat of a hurricane comes, or if you’re worried about it getting beat by the sun, or pelted from the rain. Roll them shutters down and you are now protected!
Here is the same shutter in the fully closed position. Notice how clean and secure this area now is. We are replacing the exposed windows and doors that are outside the shutter with new impact rated ones. These Roll Shutters can be lifted and lowered by using a simple remote control. One press of a button any your secure, another press and you have full sun and view of this gorgeous pool!

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