Vinyl Horizontal Rolling Window

What is a Vinyl Horizontal Rolling Window?

A Vinyl Horizontal Rolling Window is similar to the Single Hung Window, except it opens from side to side instead of up and down. Some manufactures also offer them in a 3 light options for larger openings or to match an exiting style of architecture. The sash (the movable part of the window) is on rollers similar to a Sliding Glass Door, and the locks are on the meeting rail. A meeting rail is the vertical member that is in between the glass lights.

As you can see, there are a good amount of choices to incorporate a horizontal rolling window into your design. Each configuration offers great vent and view, and selection should be based on your homes design.

Below are specific manufactures that offer a vinyl Horizontal Rolling window. Take a look at model specific windows and their features by following the links below.

Bonita Springs, Marco, Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and surrounding Sanibel areas.