Vinyl Single Hung Window

What is a Vinyl Single Hung Window?

A Vinyl Single Hung Window is one of the most common styles of window there is. The lower part of the window called a “sash” is lifted up to open the window and create a vent. The upper portion of the window stays in place and is not moveable, sometimes referred to as a “top light”. The heavy sash has a weight balancing device to allow the window wo be raised and lowered easily while keeping the sash right in the exact height you opened it to.

Vinyl Single Hung Window Configuration Options

A few different configurations are currently available in our Vinyl Single Hung Windows. A standard configuration would be an equal light, splitting the top and bottom equally. A cottage style window would have a taller sash and smaller top light. The oriel configuration is the opposite of the cottage, it has a smaller sash and a larger top light. The most common configuration is the standard, then the oriel. The cottage is not very common in architectural design, however they are available.

Below are specific manufactures that offer a vinyl single hung window. Take a look at model specific windows and their features by following the links below.

Bonita Springs, Marco, Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and surrounding Sanibel areas.