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Why Fiberglass Entry Doors In South West Florida?

Custom Entry Door Discussion: Why Fiberglass Entry Doors In South West Florida?

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In this article, We explain the benefits of purchasing a door constructed of fiberglass in the South West Florida area. Lets start off with a few points about fiberglass doors:

• Realistic wood grains are available and are authentic replications
• CFC-Free polyurethane closed cell foam core to save energy
• Resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations, perfect for Florida’s climate
• Doors and side lite frames will not rot, warp, split or crack
• Easily painted or stained to match your existing details or create new ones
• Energy Star® qualified for a variety of door configurations

Fiberglass doors provide the beauty and warmth of real wood with the durability and sustainability of fiberglass. In our South West Florida climate, we experience high levels of humidity that can ruin real wood. Our competitors are using wood frames on their fiberglass doors, allowing the frames to rot before the door reaches it’s life expectancy. We use a wood free composite material that will never rot, crack or peel.

Below is a video showing how the impact test is performed and how a wood door stands up to the testing procedure.

These fiberglass doors offer strength and beauty all in the same package, where function does not have to ruin form. When selected, we install stainless steel hinges to provide years of use in the harsh salty conditions.

In the video below, you see our fiberglass door being water tested to provide years of protection from Florida’s torrential rain storms.
We also offer custom finishing to match your home, or to extenuate your new door. Let our experienced staff help you select the door that’s right for you!