Hurricane Panels

1st Choice Hurricane Protection LLC. offers a full line of Hurricane Panels with affordable protection in mind. Clear and metal are the most budget friendly form of hurricane protection we offer. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with each type by following the links below.

Metal Hurricane Panels

Metal Hurricane Panels are the new construction go-to for affordable hurricane protection. Metal panels are also a good choice for single story homes. These shutters can be safely stored in your garage and deployed when needed. Metal panels are strong, durable and affordable. Click the link above to learn more about metal panel hurricane protection.

Clear Hurricane Panels

Clear Hurricane Panels are a great choice when protecting a single family home from hurricane damage. The main benefits clear panels offer over metal panels are letting the light in and being able to see what’s going on outside. Clear panels are easy to handle, strong, flexible and affordable. Click the link above to learn more about clear panel hurricane protection.

Get hurricane protection in three easy steps:

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