Impact windows

1st Choice Hurricane Protection offers a large selection of Impact and Non-Impact Windows in aluminum and vinyl frames. Let us help educate you on the type of window that would be best suited for your application.

aluminum frame windows

Aluminum frame windows have a thinner frame giving them a more conventional look with more glass and more view. Typically they are stronger and lighter in weight than a vinyl window. Aluminum frame windows are also more efficient for blocking outside noises and are offered in larger sizes. 

vinyl frame windows

Vinyl frame windows have a robust look with a thicker frame. Most vinyl windows will have some options that are not available on aluminum windows like tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning. These windows are more energy-efficient, and the frame colors go all the way through the material which makes them highly resistant to scratching, cracking, and marring. Contact us to take a look at some of the different styles available in a vinyl frame window.