Professional Services Offered

1st Choice Hurricane Protection is a full service Hurricane Protection Specialist that offers the following services:

Service & Repair

From a simple roll-down cleaning to an entire high-rise condo maintenance agreement, our service and repair team are ready to take action. We have access to most makes and model replacement parts to make your old shutters like new. We can also do a hurricane protection inspection to advise you of the condition and compliance of your current protection. If something isn’t working right, or you want to do preventative maintenance, give us a call! 

We are a premium supplier of many different products, making us the best choice for commercial and residential retrofit situations, but also a builder and contractor supply. Below is a brief list of what we supply: Impact Windows, Sliding Glass Doors, Custom Entry Doors, Roll Down Shutters, Awnings, Hurricane, Solar and Bug Screens, Metal Panels, Clear Panels, and Accordion Shutters.
Professional Installations
We are a licensed General Contractor in the state of Florida and offer standard and custom installation services. We specialize in retrofit installation on Single Family Homes and Mid to High Rise buildings. Our extensive knowledge in hurricane protection and precision retrofit installations make our New Construction Installations shine using tried and true methods that are meant to last a lifetime. Our full-time craftsmen are always training and improving keeping us at the top of the industry.
Custom Manufacturing

We manufacture our Roll Down Shutters, Accordion Shutters, and many other products ourselves, cutting out the middle man and building value right away in most of our turnkey packages. We offer complete design and engineering services for that one-of-a-kind project with speed and accuracy every time. The majority of the products we offer are available in custom finishes, sizes, and configurations to fit the structure like it was meant to be there.