Roll Down Shutters

1st Choice Hurricane Protection offers Hurricane Roll Down Shutters custom built to fit your specific application and needs. We manufacture our shutters in-house which enables us to ensure high quality and timely installation.

roll down shutters

Roll Down Shutters are perfect for several applications when used as hurricane protection; the outdoor living space on your lanai is one of them. You can leave your furniture out and close the shutter to protect them from rain, sun, and, of course, hurricanes. No more hassles of dragging your belongings in and out of the lanai every year. Just close the shutters and off you go!

Colors to make your shutter look like it belongs, not just an afterthought.

When designing a rolling shutter for a client, we take into account the architectural details and incorporate them into the shutters. We can custom color, or even hide, all the posts, boxes & tracks, and slats are available in four factory finish colors that can be used to blend with any design!

Rolling Shutters Custom Color
Roll Shutters Components
End-retention keeps the slats where they belong, on your home!

An end-retention shutter system basically has an end guide permanently attached to each end of the slat that locks the slat into the track so it can’t come out. Even under extreme force, the slat stays right where it belongs, in the track. When the wind is pushing firmly on the shutter, the curtain wants to bow in or out. The end guide allows the shutter to flex, but never far enough to actually pop out of the track. This is a very common issue with a lot of shutters on homes. We have seen them destroyed over the years, leaving the home unprotected and sometimes damaged.

End-Retention Shutter System Guide
Dual bearing idler offers longevity where most of the weight is resting

A rolling shutter has two points that the entire shutter is rotated on when opening and closing. When the shutter is in the down position, the majority of the weight is transferred to the ground or bottom angle. When the rolling shutter is in any other position, the weight is on the two points. One of them is the free end and idler. This is a component that is often overlooked to save a few dollars in manufacturing. We use top-quality parts, inside and outside, that will last a lifetime.

Dual Bearing Idler
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