In this Installation In Bonita Lakes, we Integrated a SuperMax Hurricane Roll Down Screen With A beige Motorized Shutter.
Here our team enclosed this lanai with our own manaufactured and installed shutters. Not only do you protect yourself from Storms additionally you can maintain your lanai area clean without the need to relocate your furniture inside.

Tired of all the noise outside? quickly close down your lanai with just a push of a button. As you can see below, our customers decided to go with Accordion Shutters rather than Roll Down to Protect their windows. Which I must say was a good idea because they are barely visible . Kind of looks like if was added to decoratively frame the windows.

Accordion shutters are very easy to use and did I mention very affordable. You simply slide these horizontally and voila there you have it.

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Roll down Shutters provide the maximum protection against storms, Protecting the residents of the Esplanade In Marco Island From mother nature.

Roll down shutters can be either hand cranked or used with a remote control. Shutters are available in white , Bronze, Ivory black and Beige . This particular color looks great with the pastel color on the building.

Not only does this shutter provide maximum protection and block out flying debris. You can also open it half way to block out the heat and sun in your lanai or fully close to give you some privacy.
Dont wait till last minute! Be prepared and protected ahead of time.
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This Roll Down Screen is Motorized. Always in place, ready for use with just a push of a button.
Roll Down Screens can withstand Hurricane winds and protect you from flying debris during a storm. Keeping your lanai clean just like you left it. Roll downs can be easily used from inside or outside your home.
Now you see it, now you don’t tadaaa! almost looks like its part of the house.

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A storm Surge caused by a hurricane is one of the things we need to know about and understand, afterall, it is the deadliest effect we are left with during these tropical hurricanes
Here is a great video by the U.S. National Weather Service. It’s about Storm Surges, get to know our biggest threat!
Roll Shutters are installed to protect the furniture, window and door openings from hurricane force winds and wind driven debris.

This is a remodel that we installed roll shutters on. You can see in the photo the pool is still not complete, however you can see this is a great use of a Roll Shutter.

This photo is the same as the one above, but the shutters are in the down position. Imagine all the furniture you would now be able to keep in place, only to have it look new, stay cleaner, and not be blown around in hurricane force winds.

Same job, same shutters, just a different angle. I love the look of this job, clean and modern.

Here are the Roll Shutters in the down position. Clean, Clean, Clean 😉

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This Clear Panel installation on a New Construction home is located in the Miromar Lakes Community of Fort Myers, FL. This type of Hurricane Protection is simple and affordable, yet very effective.
The photo above is of a mitered glass bay window in a new construction home. We work for homeowners as well as some premier builders providing protection to SW Florida properties. If you look closely at the clear hurricane panels, you may notice there is a protective plastic layer on the panels. This is to ensure the new homeowner gets crystal clear panels when they deploy them in the threat of a hurricane and prevents scratches during transport and installation. This is just one of the fine touches we put on our products to meet the high quality standards we have.
You can see that we match the door and window colors on our track extrusions for our installations. If needed, we can do custom colors to match trim or house colors. Once the shutters are installed, we number them to make deployment of the clear panels a snap.
Once the shutters are installed we will them take the clear panels down, we chain them to a wall in the garage or other designated area to keep them out of the way and in perfect condition. The chain also secures them so they won’t accidentally fall and damage property or cause injury.

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This Hurricane Roll Down Shutter Installation was completed on a new construction home for one of our high end home builder clients. The home is located on Barfield Dr. in Marco Island, FL and the finished product turned out spectacular.
This Photo is of Hurricane Roll Down Shutters on the rear of the home enclosing the lanai. By using roll shutters to enclose the lanai, the home owner’s furniture is protected during a storm. it also alleviates the need to move all the patio furniture during a hurricane to keep it from being damaged or becoming a wind bore projectile.
These two photos are of the front of the home, the first picture is with the shutter in the up position, retaining the beauty of the architecture and entry. The second picture is with the shutter in the down position, giving full protection from not only a hurricane, but also a break in. At the push of a button, this huge shutter i automatically lowered into position, and with another push, it is raised.

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