Aluminum Single Hung Window


What is an Aluminum Single Hung Window?

An aluminum Single Hung window is split horizontally into two sections. The upper section on the window remains fixed in place and is not movable. The lower section is referred to as a sash. The sash can slide up and down to allow air to pass through the window when it is in the open position. A spring type mechanism is installed in the sash frame to assist in the lifting and lowering of the window. A single hung window is the most common type of window on the market today, and seen on nearly every home here in South West Florida.

Single Hung Window Configuration Options


We offer aluminum impact Single Hung windows that qualify as hurricane protection as well as non impact windows. With the cost of Impact Windows decreasing over the years, they are the most popular choice and no shutters are required. We work with some of the finest manufacturers in the industry. To learn about their products and company, click on the links below. We have listed the manufacturers in no specific order, we have great trust and have extensively used all the manufactures we offer.