In this Installation In Bonita Lakes, we Integrated a SuperMax Hurricane Roll Down Screen With A beige Motorized Shutter.
Here our team enclosed this lanai with our own manaufactured and installed shutters. Not only do you protect yourself from Storms additionally you can maintain your lanai area clean without the need to relocate your furniture inside.

Tired of all the noise outside? quickly close down your lanai with just a push of a button. As you can see below, our customers decided to go with Accordion Shutters rather than Roll Down to Protect their windows. Which I must say was a good idea because they are barely visible . Kind of looks like if was added to decoratively frame the windows.

Accordion shutters are very easy to use and did I mention very affordable. You simply slide these horizontally and voila there you have it.

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Ultimate Hurricane Protection using Metal Panels in Fort Myers, FL
Metal Panels are used for almost all new construction as well as for single story family homes. These panels can be stored in your garage without taking much space. Simply take them out and have them installed when necessary.

Metal Panels are the most affordable of panels For Hurricane Protection. However, They still offer durability and strength. These Metal Panels Create a very strong shield against any flying object during Hurricane Strong winds.

Dont wait till last minute! Be prepared and protected ahead of time

Give us a call at 239-325-3400 and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you with your project today!

Installation of our Motorized Awning in the Verona Walk Community

Simple , elegant and very easy to use.
Protect yourself from the Suns Harmful Rays along with your Patio Furniture with our Sunsetter Awnings. Enjoy a drink by the pool and keep yourself cool during floridas Hot Summer days.
As you can see this Awning was installed permanently to this home, there is no need to remove it in the Winter.You have a variety of color options and fabrics, anything from acrylic vertical stripes to rich solid colors.
Here we installed Impact Sliding Glass Doors in a High rise condo In Naples.
You can choose from a variety of shutter colors including Ivory, White, Black, Bronze

By installing Hurricane shutters you gain an immediate peace of mind to you and your loved ones, Within a push of a button you are safe from storms with flying debris.

There are many options for Hurricane Shutters. Many people Prefer the Hurricane Roll Down Shutters because they are very easy to use, either by a manual crank or by a remote control.

Our motorized retractable screens are easy to use with just a push of a button. They disappear when you don’t need them.The screens give you fresh air, shade from the hot sun and protection from insects or a bit of privacy.