Hurricane Roll Down Shutters and Clear Panels Installed in the Reserve in Estero, FL

This Roll Down Shutter and Clear Panel installation is a great combination of hurricane protection for any home. Having the roll downs on your lanai keeps you from needing to move furniture in and out every season or every storm, and the clear panels on all other openings prevents your view from being obstructed.
The photo above shows one of the lanai openings that is protected by a roll down shutter which is currently in the up position.

This photo shows the same lanai opening but with the shutter in the down position.

Clear Panel with Protective Film being removed in Estero, FL

This photo shows the clear panel once it has been installed on the opening and is having the white film taken off. The white film is actually a protective covering that is put on the panels to prevent any damage or scratches prior to installation.
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