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Roll Down Shutter Installation In Esplanade, Marco Island

Roll down Shutters provide the maximum protection against storms, Protecting the residents of the Esplanade In Marco Island From mother nature.

Roll down shutters can be either hand cranked or used with a remote control. Shutters are available in white , Bronze, Ivory black and Beige . This particular color looks great with the pastel color on the building.

Not only does this shutter provide maximum protection and block out flying debris. You can also open it half way to block out the heat and sun in your lanai or fully close to give you some privacy.
Dont wait till last minute! Be prepared and protected ahead of time.
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Roll down Bug Screen in Talis Park- Naples, Florida

This Roll Down Bug Screen was installed to keep bugs away from residents in Talis Park
In the above picture, The Roll down bug screen is in the up position. As you can see Roll Down Bug Screens can be Installed on your lanai as well as behind your garage door. With this screen you are protected from the creepy Crawly insects at the touch of a button, roll it up or down when necessary.
Enclosing your lanai enables you to relax without worrying about the next bug bite. Not only that but you have protection against the Hot Florida sun!
This last photo shows the Roll down Bug screen fully closed. Just Kick back Relax, have a drink by the pool. No need to worry about the the Mosquito Repellent.
Give us a call at 239-325-3400 and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you with your project today!
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Retractable Awning Near Pool at the Victoria Park Community in Naples, Florida

This retractable Awning is installed to expand the shade near this pool in the Victoria Park Community in Naples, Florida
As you can see in the above picture, the retractable awning in in it’s closed position, out of the way and secure. We offer manual crank awnings that you can use a crank handle to open and close the awning. We also offer an electric motor that works with a hand held remote control to open and close the awning with the touch of a button!
This photo shows the awning open, and making shade for the hot Florida Summer. Have a cool drink and relax by the pool in the shade! I thin this is a great way to expand the outdoor living space you already have, at a very affordable price.
Give us a call at 239-325-3400 and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you with your project today!
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Roll Down Shutters Installed in Verona Walk, Naples, Florida

This roll down shutter installed to enclose a lanai in Verona Walk is the perfect use for our superior shutter system.
The Roll Shutter above is in the up position, out of the way. But can be deployed by the push of a button when needed! No need to move all furniture inside, just close the shutter!
When that sun if right in your eyes and your ready to get in the shade, close the shutter half way and relax in comfort. Our roll shutters make great dual purpose sun shades on those hot summer days!
When it’s time to go on vacation, or if a storm is coming, hit the button and drop that shutter to protect everything on the lanai! It’s really that easy to protect your home from Hurricane damage.
Give us a call at 239-325-3400 and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you with your project today!
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Hurricane Roll Down Shutters and Clear Panels Installed in the Reserve in Estero, FL

This Roll Down Shutter and Clear Panel installation is a great combination of hurricane protection for any home. Having the roll downs on your lanai keeps you from needing to move furniture in and out every season or every storm, and the clear panels on all other openings prevents your view from being obstructed.
The photo above shows one of the lanai openings that is protected by a roll down shutter which is currently in the up position.

This photo shows the same lanai opening but with the shutter in the down position.

Clear Panel with Protective Film being removed in Estero, FL

This photo shows the clear panel once it has been installed on the opening and is having the white film taken off. The white film is actually a protective covering that is put on the panels to prevent any damage or scratches prior to installation.
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Hurricane Roll Down Shutter Installation at The Beachmoor Condominium in Naples, Florida.

High Rise condominium hurricane Roll Down Shutters is one of our niche specialties that put us at the top of the list. Beachfront property needs and deserves to be protected from all that mother nature throws at it.
The photo above shows that even with strong and updated hurricane protection, the view is still left intact.
There is that million dollar view! We connect the shutters together in a miter to make it look seamless.
This is during the installation process, getting everything lines up right and matched with the screen to maximize the view.

Here is the other side of the lanai. Again, the million dollar view 🙂 These shutters have electric motors that can be raised or lowered with the push of a button on the wireless remote control. A very nice feature when using the shutter as a sunshade, keeping the right height to block the sun from blinding you on those evenings sitting out in the gulf breeze.

Highrise condo Hurricane Roll Shutter Naples Florida

Boom! When you’re away or out of town for the hurricane season, shut them all the way and not only be protected, but keep your balcony furnishings from getting sun faded and filthy.

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New Construction Hurricane Protection Metal Panels On A New Home on Serrano Circle in Naples FL

Hurricane Protection using Metal Panels on new construction homes is a specialty service we offer to builders and contractors, working with their timeframes and schedules.
In this photo you can see we protected the entire side of the home from hurricane force winds and wind blown debris from smashing the windows. A nice clean and straight installation.
Here is the opposite side of the home with more metal panels for the required hurricane protection. Builders and contractors select us because of our great price point and excellent service. We understand the needs of a home builder and get in and out when you need us

This picture shows a larger opening in the back of the home protected by metal panels. This type of hurricane protection is functional and cost effective.

We also protected the non impact transom window over the front door. The door is impact rated and additional protection is not required.
Once the panels are all installed and photos are taken, they are numbered and listed on a floor plan for easy deployment when a hurricane threatens us. We are sure to include extra fasteners because we know you might lose a few throughout the years these metal panels will service and protect your new home.
Take a minute, pick up the phone and dial 239-325-3400 and let us bid your next project.
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Integrated Roll Screen and Roll Shutter Installed on 1st Ave S. in Naples, FL

When we install a roll shutter and a roll screen, we integrated the two together in a way to minimize the amount of space needed for the reels as well as match the existing architectural details of the home.

This photo shows the Roll Screens and the Roll Shutters in the up position, giving an open feeling and look out to the pool area.

The roll screens are lowered halfway down for this shot. Everything can be operated via wireless handheld remote control. Integrated Roll Shutter and Roll Screen in Closed Position
This is the way the home looks with the Roll Screen in the down position. I love the fact that by adding these rolling screens it brings the outdoors in when in the open position, and dramatically improves your view and enjoyment.
Here it is fully protected with both the Roll Screen and the Roll Shutter in the down position, ready to protect your home with all that mother nature has to throw at it.

In this photo, we have the same configuration of Roll Screens and Roll Shutters as the other openings above. As you can see, it really blurs the line between indoor space and outdoor living space.

With the screens in the down position, it offers more separation visually while offering great insect protection.
When the Roll Shutters are in the down position, the outdoor furniture is protected, the home is protected and more secure.

Give us a call and allow our creative and knowledgeable staff help you design a system that will work for your home and lifestyle. 239-325-3400

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Hurricane Roll Shutters Installed on a Remodel on Murex Drive in Naples, FL

Roll Shutters are installed to protect the furniture, window and door openings from hurricane force winds and wind driven debris.

This is a remodel that we installed roll shutters on. You can see in the photo the pool is still not complete, however you can see this is a great use of a Roll Shutter.

This photo is the same as the one above, but the shutters are in the down position. Imagine all the furniture you would now be able to keep in place, only to have it look new, stay cleaner, and not be blown around in hurricane force winds.

Same job, same shutters, just a different angle. I love the look of this job, clean and modern.

Here are the Roll Shutters in the down position. Clean, Clean, Clean 😉

Give our knowlegable staff a call to help you prepair for your new Hurricane Roll Shutters. 239-325-3400

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Vinyl Impact Windows Installed In The Shadow Wood Preserve Community, Fort Myers, FL

This retrofit vinyl impact window installation was done in mid October 2014 on Misty Lake CT inside the The Shadow Wood Preserve Community in Fort Myers Florida.
This Fort Myers Home rests in the Shadow Wood Preserve Community has recently undergone some strength and safety improvements, not to mention the curb appeal and energy savings the new vinyl Impact windows contributed. This picture shows two vinyl impact casement windows with a vinyl impact half circle on top. The separate windows are connected together with a structural member we call a mullion. This mullion is actually put into the window opening and bolted in place before the windows are installed, making a very strong install.
This picture gives you a look at a vinyl window mullion before installation. You can see how thick the aluminum is, this mullion is designed to take impacts from hurricane force winds driving debris into your window!
This photo shows a vinyl impact window that we call a tombstone window, simply because it’s shape resembles an old style tombstone. We can match any shape window you may have in your home, the designs we offer are endless.
This Vinyl Impact window is a half circle shape and you can see the quality and craftsmanship our professional installers put into each and every install we do.
In this photo we have a standard fixed window. nothin fancy, just a regular rectangle window. You can still see the metal panel anchors on the top and bottom of the window opening. We will be removing these and patching then re-painting the stucco band to match. This will clean up the overall look of the home, and offers maintenance free protection with energy savings for a long time.
This type of window is called a single hung window. The lower portion moves up and down to allow vent. This vinyl impact single hung window is one of the most common types of windows in Florida, and across the country.
Last but not least is another picture window. This time it is in a shower area up high to offer light into the shower, yet provide privacy to the user. This hurricane impact vinyl window will provide great service for many years.

Give us a call, and let our knowledgeable staff show you what we have to offer, and help educate you on hurricane protection to make the selection process easy! 239-325-3400