Vinyl Frame Windows

With the rising cost of energy and SW Florida’s harsh environment Vinyl Frame Windows are an excellent choice. Take a look at some of the features that our vinyl windows have compared to the aluminum framed windows to select the product that is the best fit for your project.

Vinyl Windows are made of a plastic material also know as polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Vinyl windows are more energy efficient than aluminum windows, have a better resistance to corrosive environments and typically have long warranties from the manufacture. The looks of a vinyl window are slightly bulkier than it’s aluminum sister, however the difference is so slight it may never be noticed.

The color selection that our vinyl frame windows offer are sure to blend into your design. The most popular color is white, and keeps the home looking traditional. If you want to take a more bold approach, there are options to do that also.

Water and air infiltration is a big deal and vinyl windows shine is these areas. The corners of the window frame construction are fusion welded, creating a permanent water and air proof joint. Aluminum windows will be screwed together using a sealant to provide that protection.

Learn about each style of Vinyl Window we offer by following the links below.