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Vinyl Impact Windows Installed In The Shadow Wood Preserve Community, Fort Myers, FL

This retrofit vinyl impact window installation was done in mid October 2014 on Misty Lake CT inside the The Shadow Wood Preserve Community in Fort Myers Florida.
This Fort Myers Home rests in the Shadow Wood Preserve Community has recently undergone some strength and safety improvements, not to mention the curb appeal and energy savings the new vinyl Impact windows contributed. This picture shows two vinyl impact casement windows with a vinyl impact half circle on top. The separate windows are connected together with a structural member we call a mullion. This mullion is actually put into the window opening and bolted in place before the windows are installed, making a very strong install.
This picture gives you a look at a vinyl window mullion before installation. You can see how thick the aluminum is, this mullion is designed to take impacts from hurricane force winds driving debris into your window!
This photo shows a vinyl impact window that we call a tombstone window, simply because it’s shape resembles an old style tombstone. We can match any shape window you may have in your home, the designs we offer are endless.
This Vinyl Impact window is a half circle shape and you can see the quality and craftsmanship our professional installers put into each and every install we do.
In this photo we have a standard fixed window. nothin fancy, just a regular rectangle window. You can still see the metal panel anchors on the top and bottom of the window opening. We will be removing these and patching then re-painting the stucco band to match. This will clean up the overall look of the home, and offers maintenance free protection with energy savings for a long time.
This type of window is called a single hung window. The lower portion moves up and down to allow vent. This vinyl impact single hung window is one of the most common types of windows in Florida, and across the country.
Last but not least is another picture window. This time it is in a shower area up high to offer light into the shower, yet provide privacy to the user. This hurricane impact vinyl window will provide great service for many years.

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