Integrated Roll Screen and Roll Shutter Installed on 1st Ave S. in Naples, FL

When we install a roll shutter and a roll screen, we integrated the two together in a way to minimize the amount of space needed for the reels as well as match the existing architectural details of the home.

This photo shows the Roll Screens and the Roll Shutters in the up position, giving an open feeling and look out to the pool area.

The roll screens are lowered halfway down for this shot. Everything can be operated via wireless handheld remote control. Integrated Roll Shutter and Roll Screen in Closed Position
This is the way the home looks with the Roll Screen in the down position. I love the fact that by adding these rolling screens it brings the outdoors in when in the open position, and dramatically improves your view and enjoyment.
Here it is fully protected with both the Roll Screen and the Roll Shutter in the down position, ready to protect your home with all that mother nature has to throw at it.

In this photo, we have the same configuration of Roll Screens and Roll Shutters as the other openings above. As you can see, it really blurs the line between indoor space and outdoor living space.

With the screens in the down position, it offers more separation visually while offering great insect protection.
When the Roll Shutters are in the down position, the outdoor furniture is protected, the home is protected and more secure.

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